At Prestige we put our clients safety first in order to pride ourselves on being a leading expert in automobile safety and services. We provide a full range of services to our customers with utmost services using state-of-the-art technology and products without compromises. Prestige not only provides expert knowledge on tyre repair and maintenance, but also on other areas of your vehicle, such as disc brake and caliper servicing, brake pads replacement, oil changes, wheel balancing, and wheel alignment. Our services of tyre alignment will ensure you with a smoother, straight drive and also prevents the emission level of CO2 from increasing, due to your wheels having to work harder from the pull.


We always stress on the most basics like tyre alignment, balancing services and nitrogen gas instead of oxygen, which is very important we would incorporated into a routine checkup or vehicle repair. Car tyre alignment ensures that the tyres are perpendicular to the ground and are parallel to each other. When tyres are aligned perfectly, the car should drive straight even when your hands aren’t holding onto the steering wheel. If you find your drive is out of the straight line and tends to veer off to the right or left, you can surely tell that it is due to the tyre or rims error. Should you reach us or drop by at any of our branches and get it fixed by any of our professionals at the workshop.

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