With wide spectrum range of insurance panel that trusted us for the workmanship of body and paint you can rest assured your vehicle leaving our workshop with a satisfactory one and only 18 months warranty  and 20,000km or vice. The best amongst all automotive and collision repair workshop you can find in the market.

  • Motor insurers and fleets benefit from efficient claims processes, sustainable quality as well as improved customer satisfaction and loyalty through exclusive services.
  • Auto body paint shops and car dealerships trust us for our process efficiency, capacity and quality.
  • We make sure the your car is resembles like factory settings looking original   to maintains the high value even after repair with a roadworthy value.


Contact us at to learn more about how you can benefit from our services for all your auto body and paint repairs.

  • Original parts from manufacturers or distributors and to maintain original auto body and paint network
  • OEM manufacturers, imported parts and their dealerships
  • Reconditioned original parts

Glasurit’s paint expertise and company history go back to the beginnings of the automobile, when Berta Benz undertook the world’s first overland drive in a car with an internal combustion engine. Glasurit is the paint manufacturer with the longest tradition worldwide. Founded in Hamburg in 1888, Glasurit is successful worldwide today – and a premium refinish paint brand from BASF since 1965.

As a FIVA global partner, Glasurit clearly follows the guidelines of the Turin Charter. On the FIVA website we will report on various topics, historical research and cooperation. You can find a contact person for Glasurit in your country at There you will soon find further information on the subject of paint under the keyword Classic Car Colors.

Evercoat is one of the main suppliers of full range automotive refinish paints for 30 years, incorporated in 1978, with minimal work force till now we operate and supply extensive range of automotive car paints to over 10 countries across Asia, Latin America, Middle East and African countries. We constantly set new standards in providing the best automotive car paints for automobile, providing the very best aesthetic look while protecting your car from scratches.

Our automotive car paints products include full range of automotive refinish paints, specialty coating and paint solutions related to car and motor vehicles. They are sold through company operated stores, as well as mass merchants, independent paint and specialty stores. We are not only the solid expertise in the automotive car paints industry, but also the low prices we offer has made Evercoat automotive car paints so popular these days among car enthusiastic. Besides this, the company offers a wealth of specialty automotive paint and coating solutions that are aimed at car and motor vehicles, along with a full range of paints for auto refinish. Refinishing your vehicle has never been easier and cheaper, now that Evercoat automotive car paints have launched an extensive collection of primerstintersbinders and thinners for automotive refining.


Part of owning and taking care of a car is getting a paint job at least twice for the duration of its lifespan, whether it’s for maintenance or restoration after a collision. It may seem like a mundane and simple three-step task, but what makes a perfect car paint job is expertise, an immense amount of time, and a whole lot of prep work. A job well done can affect the aesthetic, health, and resale value of your car, so it’s important to put the project in the hands of professionals who have the time, resources, and knowledge to do it well. If you want to prep yourself for possibly doing the painting yourself, or if you’re just curious about what goes on when you drop your car off at the shop, here’s what the process entails:




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