Toyota Alphard and Vellfire Air Conditioner problem of not working

Toyota Alphard and Vellfire Aircond Problem

Alphard Vellfire workshop
Alphard Vellfire workshop

The air conditioning became one extremely critical element in all of our automobiles, quite possibly as a result of the climate change or thanks to our preference for much higher aspect of comfort and luxury. So, you can be truly attached to the following component in your Toyota Alphard and can’t consider driving not having it.
However, one time, the air conditioning begins to reveal a few undesirable symptoms or a whole lot worse, does not function!
Let’s figure out together the causes which usually demonstrate this breakdown and then how to repair the air conditioning of your vehicle.

The Eight most common car A/C issues are :

  • Faulty cooling fans
  • Leaking refrigerant
  • Bad compressor
  • Blocked/clogged condenser
  • Smell odor Bad
  • Sound Noise
  • Broken condenser
  • Electrical issues

1. The air conditioning (AC) of my car is leaking

The most familiar cause of an air conditioning situation with a car is refrigerant loss. There are two causes that regularly make clear this kind of loss of refrigerant in the air conditioning: the age of your car and as well the presence of mold.
Another crucial element to locate a plausible leak: the presence of oil stain having Freon, the pressurized gas which actually functions as resource for the air conditioning of your car.
In the event you have any type of question, take your vehicle to the mechanic. The air conditioning of automobiles contains perilous products for your well being!

2. The air conditioning (AC) of my Toyota Alphard smells bad

In the event your car’s air conditioning emits acrid smells, you undoubtedly have mold and various organisms! If you suppose it’s nothing, think again. Additionally to the terrible scent, those germs may be harmful to your body!
Often, only changing the air filter systems in your automobile’s interior is likely to delete the unpleasant smell of the air conditioning

3. The air conditioning of my Toyota Alphard is making noises

If your car produces a unusual sound each time you start up air conditioning, chances are you’ll be dealing with some critical situation. Generally, a sound at this level denotes that the air conditioning compressor might soon be lifeless and that you will finish up without air conditioning in your car.
At the slightest suspect sound, go promptly to your auto mechanic who is going to repair that for you!
It is now obvious, generally there are several conceivable causes for a failing air conditioning of your car. We would really like to advise you. Just like battery replacement of your Toyota Alphard , the air conditioning system also is made of unhealthy products. Do not put your well being on the line for a car, it’s not worth it!
At least but not least, a free tip for you: do not let a trouble of air conditioning hang. If you extend the time of repairing, your your Toyota Alphard won t start, which is really more serious!

4. The air conditioning of my Toyota Alphard Condenser is Broken

If there doesn’t appear to be anything blocking the condenser, it’s possible that it may be broken altogether. A broken condenser can be caused by a puncture from road debris going through the grill of your car and damaging the part, or equipment failure. If you notice any noticeable punctures in the condenser upon a visual inspection, typically the only way to fix the issue is through replacement.

5. The air conditioning of my Toyota Alphard Electrical Issues

Electrical issues are perhaps the most difficult problem to diagnose when it comes to an A/C unit that has stopped working. First, a visual inspection of all the wiring should be done to see if any wires are broken or frayed. If any damaged wires are found, they should be mended with electrical tape or replaced altogether. If you’re unable to visually locate any electrical issues, it may be time to take your vehicle to an experienced dealer for further diagnosis.

6. The air conditioning of my Toyota Alphard Compressor Has Gone Bad

The compressor keeps your A/C moving at all times. Without it, the refrigerant cannot circulate through the system and you’ll never get any cold air. The most common reason that a compressor goes bad is due to long periods of time without use. Lack of use tends to shock the system when it finally is used again such as in the spring or summer after sitting dormant all winter long.
To best combat this issue, we recommend running your A/C system on full blast for at least 15 minutes roughly once every three weeks or so, regardless of the outside temperature. This will help keep the compressor fresh and extend its overall lifespan.
If you’re still having trouble trying to fix these issues yourself though, then feel free to give us a call or stop by our repair shop. We’d be happy to have our experienced technicians take a look and get you back on the road in no time.


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