Land Rover Discovery 4 – TDV6 Inlet manifold fault

A very common fault with the TDV6 which is fitted to both the Discoveries and the Range Rovers is for the plastic inlet manifold to split. This is a wear and tear type fault that almost all TDV6’s will come across at some point throughout its life. Unfortunately the plastic just is not up to the task of the boost pressures and temperatures that are involved.

The symptoms of this are the following.

  • High pitch whistle noise in the engine bay
  • Smoke from the engine bay whilst driving
  • Check engine light with  Fault codes P006A Or P1247 or Both (these codes relate to Manifold pressure and Boost pressure)
  • Lack of power. This is more obvious under load, such as up hills.

These symptoms may start off only occurring occasionally and progressively get worse. In one case the client left this fault for so long the whole top of the manifold opened up and the vehicle had to be towed.

There is no easy fix here for this fault. The inlet manifold will have to be replaced. This is actually two pieces (one for each bank). Both halves are known for this fault and it is advised if one has shown up with this fault to replace both however it is more common for the drivers side to fail before the passenger side.

Additionally the inlet manifold incorporates the rocker covers making this a bit of a task that basically requires the complete top of the engine to be opened up. New manifolds, new gaskets, diesel high pressure fuel lines and injector seals.

This job should take a competent technician between eight and ten hours. Parts are required to be genuine Land Rover and the whole thing is going to hurt the wallet substantially.

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