Common Luxury Car Problems and Ways to Fix Them Today

Luxury cars come with their unique features and benefits that most cars don’t have. However, they are not exempt from common luxury car problems.

They are fashionable yet functional, cool yet practical. So, while you spend a fortune on a car to bask in its luxurious glory, not far behind are the often shocking surprises that come in the form of common luxury car problems. While some features might differ in luxury cars, there are issues that might crop up when you least expect. Take a few tips from our list to help you when faced with common luxury car problems.

Common Luxury Car Problems You Need to Fix

As a luxury car owner, there’s much more on your mind that driving the car around. Even though these vehicles come with their unmatched high-end features, you should take note of potential repairs. Common luxury car problems hamper your experience for you and your passengers. Here are some top luxury car problems and their fixes.

1. Engine

A slow engine or a break down is a significant concern for most car owners. As it is one of the most common luxury car problems, it’s wise to know how you can tackle it wherever you may be. If you face engine woes, be sure to identify the cause. Is it a dead engine, overheated engine, smoke from the engine or odd engine noise? Knowing the cause is the first step in fixing the problem.One example is the Mercedes-Benz E350 that is known for having engine issues. At times, it pops up without any warning.  If you are stuck in this situation, take a few crucial steps for safety and practicality. Keep the air conditioner off, halt the car, and, in the worst cases, call for assistance. In case of a dead engine, check the battery or the ignition switch for any issues. Smoke could mean many things and the severity varies. Blue engine smoke could indicate your oil is burning. On the other hand, white smoke that’s merely condensation is not a cause to worry in most cases. However, if you sense odd noises from your car engine, then it’s time to get expert help to resolve it.

2. Air Conditioner

An inconsistent air conditioner causes discomfort to you and your co-passengers. It could be a low AC performance, a non-functioning AC, or even a leak. A clogged tube, failed switch, or dirty filter might be the cause of the problem.

In hot conditions, it’s common that air conditioners break down. Your luxury BMW car can feel unusually hot in spite of all other luxurious amenities. The best course of action is to find the exact cause of the problem. If it’s a Freon recharge, then it might not be a high expense as compared to a compressor issue.

3. ​Grounding

If your luxury car’s airbags get deployed unexpectedly, you could be at high risk of injury or accident. This can happen when the grounding of steering components is insufficient. One such case came up for Aston Martin DB11. In this case, the car owners were notified of a recall which would provide the appropriate grounding for free. If you face any grounding issues, get in touch with your dealer to sort out this problem immediately.

4. Electrical Issues

Common luxury car problems can occur even in new vehicles. It won’t be surprising if your new vehicle stops mid-way due to electrical issues arising from faulty manufacturing errors. Possible reasons could be a damaged alternator, loose wires, or ignition issues.

Most new, or even old luxury cars, can stop functioning with these electrical issues. These common luxury car problems can be fixed by replacing the alternator or the starter based on what’s the cause. Either way, if these issues crop up, check with your dealer to get it repaired soon.

5. Door Locks

The foremost thing you need to be careful of is the door locks. Locks secure the car from intruders and keep passengers safe. Some vehicles have been known to lock the passengers inside. If you face such a situation, check the key battery. If that does not work, identify if the problem exists with the driver side door or with all the doors.

Door locks are not consistent across all models. For instance, in some BMW cars, when you try to lock the car from a distance, it might not secure all the doors. This can lead to safety concerns that go unnoticed.

Similarly, some Lexus users share that the key battery does not lock or unlock the door. Checking the key, battery, and the door lock solenoid can fix this issue. If you’re not comfortable with this, take the help of the dealer.

6. Window Regulators

Most luxury cars come with automatic movement of windows. However, if you are facing any issues with the rolling up and down of windows, then it’s time to check the terminal connections to the door for any loose pins that are preventing proper motion.

Even though the GMC Acadia falls in the luxury segment, it lacks luxury features like auto windows along with the adjustable lumbar. Therefore this makes the experience a bit of a letdown for a luxury car. If you’re seeking a bit more automation in your next auto, it’s best to go with a higher-end model.

7. Transmission

Transmission issues can be a significant headache for most luxury car owners. Common luxury car problems that follow are a clutch failure and early transmission change. Unfortunately, this can emerge even in the first year of ownership.  

The Cadillac Escalade can often give you jerks and does not stop or move with the swift transition you’d expect in other luxury cars. One way to address these common luxury car problems is to check for early transmission issues and check with a local dealer or mechanic to get it fixed.

​8. ​Gearbox

The gearbox leak in the automatic BMW series can be a problem for some owners. If the gearbox plug is falling, then take time to resolve the issue. You might face different issues based on whether it is a manual or automatic gear. While each has their pros and cons, manual can be less expensive than the automatic gear considering that automatic can consume more fuel. Using the expertise of a luxury car mechanic, the gearbox needs a fix before further escalations to avoid common luxury car problems.

​9. ​Turbo

Some cars are turbo-charged to help increase horsepower. However, if your luxury car exhibits a loud siren noise, increased oil consumption, extreme exhaust smoke, or decreased acceleration, you may be experienceing turbo failure.

Some Hyundai cars like the Sonata and Santa Fe have turbo and in turn, a high oil consumption. If you notice any of the symptoms above, then you can either recondition the turbo or get a new turbo fixed by a specialist.

​10. ​Brakes

Another addition to the list of common luxury car problems is the brakes. Brakes have a significant role in the smooth movement of the car. However, if you notice the brake light on, a weird vibration when braking, or leaking fluid, it could mean many things. The brakes need attention.

Smoke while braking points to a somewhat unsafe moment to drive. Stop and repair it before driving. A leak could mean many things, hence, its best to get it checked by your car mechanic. Brakes should not be neglected, as they are essential to your safety.

​11. ​Suspension

A permanent suspension is best for your luxury cars that exude elegance and style. But at times these can have their limitations. As you inspect the suspension issues, you might find some failing shock absorbers, knocking sounds with road impact, and probably uneven tyre patterns. These might be lingering or could also spring as a surprise.

Your Land Rover could bring you moments of pride, but it still has its drawbacks when driving. Even though Land Rover has some of the best suspensions in the automotive market, it does go through considerable wear and tear. However, due to its inter-connected nature, it’s wise to suggest a thorough check of the speed machine before you think it’s a suspension issue.

​12. ​Sensors

If your automatic car is going into overdrive then you know there is something that needs to be fixed immediately. The sensor is one that needs immediate attention and fine-tuning. A probable result of a damaged sensor is the luxury car going slow or with jerks.

Often, it could also result in unusually high speed. Identifying the sensor issue and getting it corrected is vital to keep the car in control and also have a consistent speed. Mazda has been in the news for its speed sensing failures. Checking for the sensors can help you take sufficient control of your car.

​13. ​ Cylinders

Non-functioning cylinders could be one of the reasons for engine issues. Among engine repairs, cylinders are the most expensive ones. Luxury cars have 6-8 cylinders that give a smooth ride. A smoke, foul odor, or leak are some ways to detect a damaged cylinder problem.

While each of these might not necessarily link to cylinder problems every time, it is best to check the cylinder performance and probably get a replacement. However, if it’s worth it, you might have to get a new luxury car if the expense far exceeds the actual cost.

​14. ​Battery

Corrosion of battery, broken internal circuits, damaged case, short circuits and sulfation after a low usage could result in batteries being unusable. Most new luxury cars in the market also come with advanced infotainment systems that drain the battery.

With regular system updates and higher battery usage to keep the car systems running, it is evident that you might face more top battery issues than with other components in your car. But if you do notice any slight battery issue, it is advisable to get it checked and correct it before any further damage to the battery.

Because common luxury car problems arise out of excessive battery usage, it is more common than you might expect. Probably your Land Rover or Lincoln car is giving you recurring battery drain issues. It might be time to take a thorough look at it.

​15. ​Technology

A fact is that technology does not always deliver all features as expected. There could be a possible voice misalignment or inaccurate pairing of the Bluetooth. Maybe your infotainment is not as cool as you hoped. These can occur even in high-end luxury cars.

Another example where too much is dangerous is of the Acura, and Infiniti systems which have two screens instead of one. While they claim it makes viewing the information leisurely and clear, it can be dangerous to take your eyes off the screen more often than required. This is a red flag that should not be ignored if you’re planning to buy a luxury car or are a proud owner.

Jaguar F-Pace has an infotainment system that’s sluggish and is a bit slow compared to the fast ones in other luxury cars. Also, the Volvo XC90 is another car that has an in-car audio, navigation system that is tough to navigate even with a touchscreen.

​16. ​Cost

Most common luxury car problems come with their fair deal of maintenance. The cost associated with these can vary as per the problem. However, it’s difficult to anticipate the actual cost before repairs. Hence, in this case, regular maintenance helps keep the luxury car in good condition. Also, if you do come across any upkeep or on-road issues do check back this list for specific problems and their resolution.

17. ​External Body

Often, the external body is what creates the first impression. In this case, it is also the outer body that might face neglect as compared to the external system. A letdown by your excellent and luxurious car would be the case with poor external parts or wear and tear.  A flat tire needs the attention as also regular checks to get it in good shape.

The Tesla’s electric Model X car is often in the news; however, the external body leaves a lot to be desired. While the doors take time to open and close, the windshield extends over the front seat passengers.

1​8. ​Safety

Probably the most sought after queries online are on safety. Whether you own a luxury car vehicle or a mid-sized sedan, safety issues are of top priority. Airbags, safety sensors, seat belt reminders, automatic braking, blind spot detection, and facial recognition are some of the safety features that are a must-have in your luxury car.

The Mercedes-Benz GLC is the best-in-class and pride to own. However, besides the automatic braking system, the other safety measures fall short. The cross-traffic alert and blind spot exist though not easy to understand and use.

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