Highly-capable and trustworthy. Every member of the service team at PRESTIGE CARCARE is trained and qualified to the highest level.

Dedicated professionals

Our engineers are dedicated professionals with years of experience and know-hows in the diagnosis and troubleshooting of most, if not all Continental makes. Inspired by efficiency and expertise of these pioneering automakers, we approach each our tasks in an equally resourceful and innovative spirit which transpires into positive outcome.

Not least, we share PRESTIGE CARCARE’s philosophy to deliver value, outstanding quality and excellent customer satisfaction in our service.

Understanding our customers

Our team is well aware of the importance of reliability, professionalism and personal attention to our customers. We are hence able to fulfill customer expectations from time to time due to our understanding of what prestige car owners desire. Afterall, customer satisfaction is our business.

We are all about passion and hospitality. You are to be met with generous smile whenever you speak to our repair consultants about any issue you may have.

Valuable asset

PRESTIGE CARCARE recognize our people as the most valuable asset. Our engineers undergo in-house and associated training programs regularly to keep ourselves abreast of the latest development in the automotive industry. The supportive workplace environment has also been conducive to our continued growth as a whole. It works in line with our intention to conscientiously improve ourselves for that extra added-value to your service.

Believe PRESTIGE CARCARE when we say we go to great lengths to be your service center of choice.


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